Choukitsu Kurumatani // Musashimaru

A short story about an elderly Japanese couple that keep a rhinoceros beetle as a pet for one summer and autumn.

Letterpress print from polymer plates on 60-year-old toshaban-genshi paper.
Translation into German: Katja Cassing.
Drawing of the beetle: Hanna Zeckau.
Bound in katagami paper No. 10 and mitsumata paper with letterpressed title.
Box made of Florida cedar with title silkscreened, reminiscent of a cigar box.
Various labels attached to the box with a letterpress print of the beetle drawing inside.
First edition of the German translation.
20 pages. 23 x 43.8 cm
Edition of 35 copies using Arabic numerals and 5 copies using Roman numerals.
Tokyo / Berlin, 2013