Ryunosuke Akutagawa // Die Nase

Akutagawa describes in his short story a vain and selfish Zen priest from the Heian era who agonizes about his extremely long nose. Concentrating on the theme of vanity, the text is illustrated with large-scale prints of skin and hair.

Letterpress print from polymer plates in German and Japanese on mitsumata paper.
Illustrated with photographs of skin structures and of small balls made of hair, printed in various colors using polymer plates.
Japanese binding with vellum strips in a white cover made of kozo-ganpi cardboard.
Case made of semi-transparent PVC Jelly film, silicon cords and neodymium magnets.
First edition of the German translation.
32 pages. 34.5 cm x 48 cm
Edition of 40 copies using Arabic numerals and 6 copies using Roman numerals
Tokyo, 2009