Kerstin Hensel // Erbe

Describing the act of giving the same birthday present every year, a collectible cup, Hensel’s poem provides a strong image of the unkind and often clueless treatment of the elder generation.

Frottage of lace papers on ganpi paper in light green and pink, mounted together to make a two-layered tablecloth.
White linen cloth embroidered with the poem »Erbe« in silver-grey.
Paper wrapping in the shape of a Japanese tatoushi (wrapping paper for a kimono).
Title and colophon on embroidered and printed labels.
Size of tablecloth: 91 x 91 cm
Size of linen: 60 x 80 cm
Size of the wrapped object: 27.5x 25.5 cm
Edition of 15 copies using Arabic numerals
Tokyo, 2006